Which Category is for Which Stuff?

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Which Category is for Which Stuff?

Post by Rick on Sat Apr 01, 2017 9:19 pm

If you are a noob who is unable to read and understand use of different categories from the names then this post is dedicated to you.

> Important Events: Notification Forum all the major events will be posted here also with basic guides about how to use a forum
> Music: If you find out some good music/ video from internet feel free to post that (I am a further big noob how to post a youtube video here ? Easy click on the youtube button and insert the video url click enter it will only bring the you tube link once you have posted the stuff so don't panick if there is no video coming when you are creating the post.

> Random Stuffs: For Debates , discussion over different events and good memes. (Well I am once again a noob and having trouble with posting an image , alrigh alright use the code
[img]link of your picture must end with jpg/jpeg/giphy/png[/img]

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