How to Use a Forum

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How to Use a Forum

Post by Rick on Sat Apr 01, 2017 9:08 pm

> This is not very difficult
> You just have to register and log in to the forum and then you can reply/ post stuffs but if you don't log in you will not be able to post/reply but you can still view things from some categories

Things you need to do after joining
> Send me a pm here or in any other places from where you know me I will assign you user group accordingly
> Also it will be great if you can add your pic as profile picture and set your commonly used name as profile name it will make my work a lot easy

> How to set profile pic:

Once you are logged in (after registering) go to the top right corner and there will be a " Welcome Username" Button Click it and then there will be an "Edit Profile" option. Click it and rest is upto your intelligence if you are still unable to find out how to upload profile pic  god bless you then (joke)
Anyway send me a pm in that case Smile

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